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What does the Library have for my preschooler?


Board books - Books with tough cardboard pages and covers, made to be explored safely by babies and young children. We select titles that appeal to children, with bright pictures and a variety of amounts of text.

The very sleepy bear Patterns Milo's black and white world

Picture books - Our picture books are a very special part of the Library collection. Here you’ll find classics and new titles, organised alphabetically by author. Author and illustrator Barbara Cooney says that “a picture book is like a necklace with the illustrations being the jewels and the text is the string that holds them all together”. [Barbara Cooney, National Library]

The Promise of PuangaShark in the park on a windy day Pencil Dog

Children’s Music CDs - These are free to borrow and include popular Children’s musicians and music to sing and dance to.

ABC Kids Hits Kids Bop 2019 Relax and be happy mindfulness for children

Black and white books for babies - When a baby is born, their eyesight is still developing and black and white books with simple lines and bold patterns are easier for babies to see. The contrast between the light and dark images stand out and help the baby focus on the image. In the first 3 months, babies can focus on objects that are closer to them, so it’s important that you hold the book so that they can see the images. You can help by talking to your baby about the pictures, because it’s never too early to start reading to your child. Find these books in the catalogue.


ReadNZ share many resources for New Zealanders, so we've collated some of the best ones for preschoolers.

The following are some great digital storytime resources (for once you've worked your way through all of the Waimakariri Libraries' digital preschool sessions!):

Some more spectacular digital storytimes include those being read from....... space!

Does your child love looking at the stars? Or do they dream of being an astronaut? On this website you will find stories about space, read by astronauts on the International Space Station! While they are in space, they are recording themselves, reading stories to the children on Earth!

Plunket has compiled a series of booklets for different age groups, under 'Fun activities for whānau at home'.

Tumblebooks has hundreds of animated picture books to listen to or read along with on your device.

Story Box Library Reviews

Story Box Library is a wonderful resource available for access with your library card. Watch and listen to some of your favourite stories being read by Australian and New Zealand storytellers at home, as well as in the library.

Librarian Sally reviews several of these stories and has her top recommendations for you right here:

The sloth who came to stay

The Sloth Who Came To Stay by Margaret Wild

Is your family a very busy one? If so, this is the story for you, Amy’s family are always rushing off somewhere and sometimes she finds it a bit overwhelming. When a sloth, who likes to take things VERY slowly, comes to stay, Amy and her family need to slow down and they find that they quite like the new approach.


Barney by Catherine Jinks

Barney is a dog who likes to eat all sorts of things and not necessarily what he is supposed to eat! This is a lovely story, written in rhyme and it is perfect to listen to, even if you don’t have a dog!


Moonwalkers by Mark Greenwood

This book really celebrates the importance of imagination for a child. When Apollo 11 blasts off everyone watches and it inspires some children to imagine how it would be to walk on the moon too. The reader of this story is a young adult and he is reading it at the Melbourne Observatory, which would really fire up any potential astronauts.

The dress up box

The Dress-Up Box by Patrick Guest

When I was a child we had a dress-up box and I loved the way you could instantly be someone else. In this story the dress-up box is very important as it helps the children feel more at home in a new community, following the family’s move to a new and unfamiliar house.

Family hugs

Family Hugs by Michael Wagner

I think hugs are very important things and this story demonstrates that, while also looking at all the different types of family there are in our world. A lovely way of introducing differences to your child.

Chicken Divas

Whitney and Britney: Chicken Divas by Lucinda Gifford

This is a wonderfully exuberant story, with rhyming text and colorful pictures. It’s a story about dressing up, having fun and looking after your friends. Join these special chickens as they sing and dance.

With Nan

With Nan by Tania Cox & Karen Blaird

These are some of the wonderful things that Simon sees on his walk with Nan.

Simon takes a walk through the bush with his Nan and along the way finds out that things are not always what they seem. A simple story about camouflage is brought to life with the beautiful illustrations by Karen Blair

One Little Goat

One Little Goat by Ursula Dubosarsky

It starts with one little goat. It ends with one little goat. But what happens in between is a whirlwind of nonsense and fun. Ursula Dubosarsky and Andrew Joyner make the most of their advanced sense of the ridiculous in this hilarious read-aloud traditional tale. Fabulous repetition and shout-aloud sound effects are complemented by increasingly hilarious illustrations

All the factors of why i love tractors

All the Factors of Why I Love Tractors by Davina Bell

When Frankie McGee insists on borrowing yet another book about tractors, his mum crumbles. She begs him to read a book about something else - cars, planes, cranes, trains - anything! Frankie launches into all of the various, glorious factors that make up the love that he has for all tractors - but will he be able to bring his mum around?

Cocoon book

Cocoon by Aura Parker

Dawn and her best friends have a plan! They are going to eat as many leaves as they can, weave cocoons and turn into moths so they can FLY! Easy peasy, right? But what happens when days go by and Dawn still doesn't have her wings? What if she doesn't grow them at all? A story about friends and worries and the things that make it al lright in the end.


Piranhas Don’t Like Bananas by Aaron Blabey

This is one of my favourite picture books and the fact that it is read by the author, Aaron Blabey seems to make it even more special. If your children like a funny story, told with rhyming text and plenty of chances to join in and anticipate what will happen next, this is the story for you!

Chip the lifeguard

Chip the Lifeguard by Kylie Howarth

Chip is a seagull who would really like to try something new. His attempts at being a life-guard like his hero, Jess, don’t always go right. But he keeps trying and that’s what makes this such a great story.

the unscary book

The Unscary Book by Nick Bland

Does your child like the thrill of a book that might be a little bit scary, but prefers something safe? Then this is the book for them! The fact that the main character’s name is Nicholas Ickle, gives you some idea of the fun in this story. And here on Story Box Library, it is read with lots of humour and funny faces.

Last tree in the city

Last Tree in the City by Peter Carnavas

This is a thought provoking story about a little boy who lives in a grey colourless city and finds a lot of joy in the last tree to grow there.  It is read by the author, who conveys the feelings of a small boy when things seem too big to fix on your own. A gentle and beautifully illustrated story about the environment and why it matters to us all.

The Travel Bug

The Travel Bug by Benjamin Gilmour and James Gulliver Hancock

It was the illustrations that first drew me to this story - I think they reminded me of curtains in my childhood! The bug in the story doesn’t know any other bugs like him and sets off on a quest to see what he can find. It is read in a gently, enthusiastic style and the way he shares his own travel plans at the end of the story is quite delightful.