About this site

This Website is the Virtual Branch of Waimakariri Libraries and has been designed and created by Squiz.

The purpose of Wamakariri Libraries Website is to provide our residents with a virtual place to access their first choice in fact and fiction. The website is a vital part of the library's role in connecting with communities to spark imagination and discovery by impressing customers with entertaining and informative library experiences.

The Website as it exists today is unique. It is designed to be constantly growing and to be constantly evolving.Our goal is to move towards providing access to all our services through our Virtual Branch, in addition to our physical locations, to provide our residents with a window of access to information available both locally and globally, and to provide the world with a window in to Wamakariri Libraries.

The site has grown from the dynamic environment of creativity and innovation that is Wamakariri libraries.It incorporates our goals of providing all people with equitable access to community and public resources, facilitating access to the information resources, and provision of an abundant and diverse range of affordable, quality recreation and leisure activities and opportunities.