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Already read all the books from your favourite authors and unsure what to read next? Overwhelmed by the number of books to browse in the collection?

We can provide some personalised recommendations from our physical and digital catalogues for you to enjoy at home!

Personalised Picks

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Novelist Plus gives you reviews, readalikes, and suggestions by genre and appeal factors to help you find great new reads. You will need your library card to log in.

Who Else Writes Like ButtonWho Else Writes Like helps answer the perennial question "I've read all the books by this author, who else writes like that?". You will need your library card to log in.

WhichBook.net allows you to browse using slider controls for appeal factor, or by character, plot or setting.

Fantastic Fiction lists the works of your favourite fiction authors by date and series and tells you what they will publish soon.

Still not sure what you want to read next? Our staff are happy to help you.

For more ideas, we recommend you check out our blog - with all the rave reviews and recent reads of library staff that you could ever need.

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