Staff Picks 2018: Non-Fiction

What have library staff been reading this year? Check out some of our favourite books for 2018 here.


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Bella FIgura Kamin Mohammadi
Bella Figura: how to live, love and eat the Italian way - Kamin Mohammadi

Florence is my favourite city and this book is set there, so I was sold from the beginning. Kamin gets the chance to live in an apartment in Florence and really immerse herself in the life of the city. She is really interested in the food that is all around her and includes a recipe in each chapter. Her romantic life adds another layer too. Sally

Black Widow Lee-Anne Cartier
The Black Widow - Lee-Anne Cartier

Imagine staying in your sister-in-law’s house and coming to the realisation that she has killed your brother. With gutsy determination and dogged persistence by Lea-Anne, Helen Milner, (or the “Black Widow”) is slowly exposed as a compulsive, though very inconsistent liar. This is a sister’s story told personally and honestly in her own words. As this murder and subsequent trial occurred in Christchurch there is much that makes you wonder how close you are at times to people like the Black widow. Her original charge was heard in the Rangiora Court House  – that’s pretty close! Mark

Diary of a Bookseller
The Diary of a Bookseller - Shaun Bythell

Full of anecdotes this humorous account of the day to day running of a bookshop in Scotland is a must read for booklovers. This book had me laughing out loud. Linda

Juliet's Answer
Juliet's Answer: how one man found the true meaning of love in fair Verona - Glenn Dixon

I just loved this book! It’s the story of an English teacher, who goes to Verona in the school holidays and joins a team of volunteers who answer the thousands of letters from all over the world that are written to Juliet. It’s also about teaching “Romeo and Juliet” to reluctant teenagers in an inspiring way and about love and loss. Just lovely. Sally

Meet the Frugalwood's
Meet the Frugalwoods: achieving financial independence - Elizabeth Willard Thames

The story of how one couple worked and saved to achieve their dream of living simply in rural Vermont. An interesting personal reflection on how to avoid consumerism and create a life based on personal choice and values. Sarah

WoolloomoolooWoolloomooloo: a biography - Louis Nowra

Poor Woolloomooloo is "dog with a bad name", but it seems this is justified when you read some of the history about the roughest of Sydney's suburbs. As a resident, Nowra paints a contemporary view as well, as he walks us around the buildings and characters of his favourite place.  It will make you want to visit - and when you go to spell it - remember there are 8 o's. ​Mark