Sally's Reads: Britt-Marie Was Here

Sally's been a-reading and has a gem to share with us all!

Britt-Marie Was Here cover

Britt-Marie Was Here by Frederick Backman

This was a quirky, sweet book and I loved it. The sort of book that makes you think at the end of the day “Oo goody! I get to go to bed and read my book” – something that I often search for but is quite rare to find. Britt-Marie is an unusual person, who has very particular ways of doing things and of making herself feel calm. For example cleaning with baking soda is something she does to help calm down. So, when life takes an unexpected turn and she is thrown into circumstances that are so out of the ordinary, it is lucky that she is able to access a lot of baking soda! The book has now been turned into a movie, which will definitely be worth following up.