Nicki's Picks: October 2020

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Screw You Delores

Screw You Delores by Sarah-Kate Lynch

A humorous self-help book from one of New Zealand’s favourite novelists.

Sarah-Kate knows what is important for happiness levels to soar: Paris, rosé and a dog. Despite this bag of tricks, and what appears to be a rather glamorous career, pitfalls emerge, life intervenes…  (Apparently even Paris Hilton is not exempt. She’s recently revealed she nearly choked on her silver spoon. And don’t get me started on Prince Harry.) But SK decides that turning 50 is going to be “A Year Of Me” and sets out to find the key, starting in a Parisian shoe shop.

So, deeper into the bag must we all dig for that happiness and “let me tell you” (quote: Crusher Collins) that by opening this book you’ll be off to a good start. In true SK style she’ll have you chuckling away thus confirming, laughter really is the best medicine.