Nicki's Picks: August 2020

Another intriguing review by Nicki, be sure to check this one out!

Slow Horses By Mick Herron

(Slough House Series; Book One)

I’m someone who’s all about the finer side of dining. The delicacy and finesse of carefully constructed petit fours, sophisticated morsels of deliciousness crafted by the finest of chefs….  But sometimes the girl just wants a steak. A thick, juicy hunk of meat. When you have the craving for a book to get your teeth into, Mick Herron’s Slough House Series is going to hit the spot.

The “Slow Horses” are a group of disgraced MI5 operatives who are reassigned, spending the rest of their careers pushing paper. To add insult to injury they are enlisted to the charge of Jackson Lamb. An unsavoury character, about as unpalatable as they come. (Think fur ball. He’ll have you gagging.)

Laced with wisecracks and seedy characters Herron’s writing has been described as “sizzlingly stylish, furiously funny and fiercely intelligent”. So, if you are feeling the need for eloquent prose, marshmallows and cream puffs, you’re going to be left hungry. Herron’s stories are for big appetites to get your jaws around.