Linda Reviews: Wynter’s Thief

Linda's latest - Another great read from New Zealand author Sherryl Jordan.

NZ Book Awards YA Finalist 2020

Wynter's Thief

Set around the year 300, Wynter and Fox are each surviving as best they can, in a world of prejudice and superstition. Wynter is a water diviner and hunted for being a witch in this superstitious world. Her father makes money from her water divining, and when she is not divining, he keeps her chained up. Fox has worn the brand of a thief on his cheek since the age of six and fights against the prejudice this brings. He struggles to find paid work with his glaringly obvious brand.  Each fight for self-identity, and want to be accepted for who they are, without superstition and injustice. In meeting under trying circumstances they each find a soul who can see them for who they truly are.

The narrative of the chapters alternates between Wynter and Fox. This is a great way to get to know each of the characters.

A teen survivor story full of action, adventure and romance.

If you enjoyed any of Sherrly’s previous books, you will not be disappointed with Wynter’s thief. Winter of Fire is still my favourite of her teen fiction. But my favourite of all has to be Finnigan and the Pirates. Aimed at a younger audience, Finnigan’s pirate aunt wants him to follow in her footsteps and become a pirate, but all he wants to do is dance.

If you are looking for any of her older books you can find these upstairs in the Aotearoa New Zealand room at the Kaiapoi Library.