Linda Reviews: Diary of a Bookseller and Confessions of a Bookseller

Librarians reading books about *gasp* bookshops? Scandalous! But you too will be entertained by Shaun Bythell's tales of life owning and working in a bookshop. Turns out there are encounters inherent across the book industry!

Shaun’s Bythell’s bookshop is simply named The Bookshop. With over a mile (1.6kms) of shelving this leaky old building is the largest second-hand bookshop in Scotland. The eclectic mix of customers have requests ranging from the sensible to the bewildering. Nicky, the notoriously tardy assistant dumpster dives for Friday morning tea. Captain the cat brings offerings of dead birds. A framed shotgun riddled Kindle indicates Shaun’s intense dislike of Amazon. These and more give Shaun much to write about.

Shaun began posting the days happenings on his Facebook page and his following grew. His followers were so amused and captivated by his witty and reflective postings of the daily happenings in his bookshop that he was encouraged to have these published as book. His first book Diary of a Bookseller became an instant best seller.

The popularity of the diaries led to Shaun being an invited guest at the Word Christchurch Festival 2018. It has also led to a Hollywood film company picking up the rights to make this into a TV series.

If you are a fan of ‘Black Books’ you may wonder how this could be done better, and if you have ever watched ‘Episodes’ you can see the consequences of Hollywood interfering with anything British.

Just read the books.

diary of a bookseller  confessions of a bookseller