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Jacqui's first review

Jacqui's first review: The Dressmakers of Yarrandarrah Prison by Meredith Jaffé

Book Review by Annemarie and Digby Scorgie

Book Review by Annemarie and Digby Scorgie:  Small ECO Houses: Living Green in Style

Sally read's

Sally read's: Nancy Business by R.W.R. McDonald

Nicki's Picks October 2021

Nicki's Picks October 2021: The Four Winds” By Kristin Hannah

Nicki's Picks September 2021

Nicki's Picks in September: The Shadow By Melanie Raabe

Jeanette's judge a book by it's cover

‘The Whispers’ by Heidi Perks, reviewed by Jeanette

Nicki's Picks August 2021

The Last Guest By J.P. Pomare

Nicki's Picks May 2021

Nicki's Picks: Anxious People By Frederik Backman

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