Things to do at home (that aren't reading)

You may think this is a library. And you'd be right. But don't let that fool you - we have more than books!

You may be gasping in wonder. You maybe be flicking your hair over your shoulder because you've known this poorly kept secret for some time now.

But now, the world must know!

We won't be offended if you decide that, today, you just don't want to check out our abundant digital collection including eBooks, eAudiobooks, eMagazines & Newspapers, eComics & Graphic Novels....

Truly. We won't. But in that case, might we suggest a whole bunch of other fun things available to you via the Waimakariri Libraries' website?

Number 1: Learn A New Language

Pirate! Finnish! Latin! All the languages you've ever wanted to learn! And maybe some more. If memory serves, there's some French, Spanish, Japanese, Scottish Gaelic, and Yiddish there too. It's fun. It's great. No owls will haunt your dreams.

You can take this time to learn a new language on an official, comprehensive online service: Mango Languages. Why not check it out! Learn a few phrases so that when you get back to the workplace, you can brag that you really dedicated time to your cultural education. And give yourself a stellar excuse to take a international holiday at some point. I mean, if you speak the language, then surely you have to go visit the location and test your skills on the locals. Not to mention, being able to converse and communicate with a wider range of people in our district!

Number 2: Read About Other People Reading

Sometimes you don't feel like picking up a new book just yet, or you're putting out some feelers for inspiration for what to choose next. And sometimes it's just great to read people's amusing/angry/adoring/scathing thoughts on books. And I don't know about you, but sometimes I read book reviews to convince myself to read some more, but it's like buying more notebooks - it provides an illusion of productivity. Does it mean we'll stop? Certainly not. Continue on! Here are our thoughts on books for your perusal.

Number 3: Learn A New Skill

Have you recently committed to doing something new? Picking up a new habit or teaching yourself how to do something new for work? We can help! is a fabulous resource, dedicated entirely to helping you on your way to advancing your skills. Waimakariri patron and Lynda's No. 1 Fan - Dan - has even made a video extolling the virtues of the online courses.

The highlight of this has to be that it's *entirely free*. Yes, I do mean to tell you that you can learn something, at home, without having to go anywhere, or see anyone, or spend any money. It's too good to be true! But it really, really, isn't. Check it out, see what they've got. Maybe we can all become truly proficient in Microsoft Excel...

Number 4: Catch Up On Our Digital Storytimes Sessions

No longer available due to copyright allowance ending.

When you've read every story there is to read under your roof, you're sick of the sound of your own voice, let us help out.

The lovely staff who usually run Babytimes, Storytimes and Toddlertimes have made it possible to keep up with the Preschool Sessions online. If you've been missing out, fear not - it's all here at your fingertips. You can keep up with these as they're released by following our Facebook page. Or check back here regularly to see when live videos have been added. It's great to refer back to, and you can easily find and replay your favourites.

A great way to spend some quality time with your kids and sing along to the familiar tunes. And don't forget to vote on the 'Toddlertimes: Waimakariri Has Talent!' series, over on Facebook.

Number 5: Catch Claudia's Cool Cultural Communications

Our local history buff, Claudia, collects the interesting, amusing and otherwise noteworthy people and places she finds along the way. If you're keen for some entertaining tales, told with flair, or want to brush up on your local history - these posts are for you.  More interesting than your high school history ever hoped to be.

A few starting points:

Number 6: Help Us Record History

Share your story! We are living in some incredibly unfamiliar times. Everyone experiences these events and periods differently, and we'd love to hear what you're up to! We know we are having a lot of fun with DIY projects to keep the boredom at bay, and we know some of you out there will have some stories to tell!

It's important to capture and record what it's like for people in their everyday lives during historical events. We'd like to help future generations under what the 'new normal' was for our district (and beyond).

Pictures, poems, stories, and anything else you can think of are perfect. Get involved. Tell us your tale.

Number 7: Chat With Us Online

All this communication is two way! We're available for contact in a variety of ways. There's the classic Facebook page or private message. We love seeing your comments on our latest Storytimes videos! There's our library email:, by which we are happy to help with enquiries, such as resetting a PIN, general troubleshooting, & random requests. We have the more specific Book A Librarian, where you can get some dedicated time with a librarian to help you out with your research query.

And of course, last but not least, Instagram and Twitter. If you have anything fun you want to share with us - tag us! @WaimakaririLibs is our handle, and we track the tag #WaimakLibs too. We love to see your reading shenanigans, and we hope you enjoy some behind the scenes content of #LibraryLife.

A lot has been going on, and our news feed is constantly changing, so if you'd like to browse through the service and resource updates from the last few weeks, take a look at Recent News: Services.