A guide to using your library in Alert Level 2

We are looking forward to opening our doors once again on Monday 18 May. The processes for coming and going, and things inside the library might look a little different to what you are used to as we make sure we follow government guidelines to keep you and our staff safe.

Here’s what you need to know about visiting us in Alert Level 2:

Good hygiene: We ask anyone who is unwell to stay at home. For all who are well and visit the library we encourage the use of our hand sanitiser stations and of course good hand washing practices. Our staff will be regularly cleaning touch points throughout the day and thorough cleaning will be taking place overnight.

Contact Tracing: In order to assist with contact tracing and to help us keep an eye on how many people are in our buildings at any one time, all visitors must ‘sign in’ when they come into the library and ‘sign out’ again when leaving the building. Staff will be on hand to take your details using an app that makes this very easy. We are committed to managing your data safely and securely.

Physical distancing: Please be aware of your personal space and keep a distance of 2m between you and other library customers and staff. Maintaining this distance will impact on the one-on-one service staff can provide at computers and kiosks. Please respect our staff decisions around this – they have your safety top of mind.

Payment: We will be taking payment by EFTPOS only.

Quarantining of books: We will be placing returned items in an area for quarantining in each library before checking them in. Please expect to see a delay between returning your items and them being removed from your account. If you wish to borrow more items before we have checked in your books, a member of staff will be on hand to make sure you can take your new books home.

Bonus borrowing time: All items will remain checked out until June 30, and items borrowed from reopening will also have a longer loan period than normal. Enjoy this extra time if you need it, but please bring your books back when you have finished reading them for others to enjoy.

Children and youth: We love seeing our local tamariki (children) and rangatahi (youth) in the library and encourage parents to share their library time with them. Please remember that all children under 14 should have a parent or guardian with them while in the library. Thank you for helping us keep the library safe for everyone.

Computers: You might notice that some of our computers have moved. This is to help everyone maintain a safe distance without compromising our service. Our staff can direct you to the new computer stations. Printing, scanning, and photocopying will be available. Please note that we will not accept cash payment for these services; EFTPOS only.

Thank you for your understanding during this time as we open our libraries again to the new, safer ‘normal’.


What are you doing to ensure that staff and customers are safe once libraries re-open? 

The health and wellbeing of our customers and staff is our top priority. We are providing the necessary training and equipment to all staff as per our health and safety plan. We are also putting in place initiatives such as:

·         Contact tracing, asking customers to sign in and out

·         Personal hygiene measures as recommended by the government.

·         Monitoring and possibly restricting the number of people within library spaces at any one time

·         Regularly emphasising the importance of frequent handwashing to all our staff, regardless of whether they have direct customer contact or not.

Why are you doing contact tracing?

Contact tracing protocols are in place for protecting Council staff, contractors, customers and visitors entering our libraries against the risk of COVID-19.

The protocols are in addition to our normal health and safety obligations and require you to register your entry and exit from this Council facility for the purposes of possible contact tracing by the Canterbury District Health Board.

How will you use and store contact tracing information?

The Council will hold the contact tracing information securely stored in the cloud for 60 days. It will only be shared with Ministry of Health or District Health Board for contact tracing purposes only. After 60 days it will be deleted. The data will not be used for any other purpose other than contact tracing. Security testing has been done on the solution to ensure data is secure and not able to be accessed by third parties.

Are you quarantining returned items?

Yes, returned items will be quarantined for 24 hours.

How many people will be allowed inside a library at any one time?

Each of our libraries will have a limit of people permitted in the building at any one time. This will be monitored to ensure that safe physical distancing can be maintained. Library transactions may take longer than they used to, please ensure that you have time when you are planning your library visit.

Are scanning and printing facilities available?

Yes, on a self-service basis.

Are the public computers available?

Yes. Computers will be available for public use so long as physical distancing between you and the next person is maintained. Time limits may be in place to ensure fair access for customers. Computers and keyboards will be regularly cleaned.   Library staff may not be able to provide the same level of assistance at the public computers due to social distancing restrictions.

What are you doing to clean the self-serve kiosks?

Self-serve kiosks will be cleaned regularly with proper equipment. Hand sanitiser will also be available at or near kiosks for customers to use before and after touching the screens.

Will you be running programmes and events at Level 2?

No programmes and events will not be run in the libraries during Level 2, however we still offer a range of virtual storytimes and events and our facebook page.

Will meeting rooms be available for use in Level 2?

No, library meeting rooms will not be available.

Will the Justice of the Peace services operating in Level 2?

No, the JP service will not be operating in any of our libraries during Level 2.  You may contact JP’s directly: http://justiceofthepeace.org.nz/