Rural Tales

Published: 27-Jul-2021

Rural  Tales, Talk at Rangiora Library

Gumboot Run

Join us at the Rangiora library to hear local author Tim Fulton talk about his new book Kiwi Farmers’ Guide to Life. Tim will be joined by George Black, who recently ran ‘100km in Gumboots’, to raise money for farmers going through tough times.

Friday 30 July at 7pm.

Kiwi Farmers Guide to Life

In Kiwi Farmers’ Guide to Life Fulton tells the stories of New Zealand famers and their families, tracing the ancestral journeys that brought them to their particular piece of rural Kiwi paradise.

From a dive into farming history to a probe of modern agricultural issues, Kiwi Farmers’ Guide to Life shows farmers at their finest and – in some cases – their most vulnerable. At heart, it explores why farmers do what they do, rather than how.

This book showcases some of the country’s most innovative farmers: their motivations, frustrations, and legacies. It is a tribute to a way of life that the author loves himself, having grown up on a farm and come to deeply respect the people and families that make up agriculture in New Zealand.

George Black grew up in a farming family in North Canterbury, and watched his parents and their peers in the district work very hard on their land in an aim to grow their businesses and look after their families. This huge respect for how hard people in the rural community work and the challenges they face, spurred him on to run ‘100km in Gumboots’ to raise money for farmers going through tough times.

For the last 3 years George has worked on the family farm,  up until recently when he moved down to town to start a new job with Bayleys Canterbury, Rangiora.’

Tim Fulton

Author Bio

Tim Fulton grew up at ‘Larundel’, a sheep and crop farm at Swannanoa in North Canterbury. Swannanoa school only had a couple of classrooms and the school bus used to cut through the Fultons’ farm to scoop up as many local kids as possible. The lane would sometimes be blocked by a yard-full of sheep so the bus driver (quite possibly the school principal) would swing right by Tim’s home, stopping by the veranda where he and his brothers would hop aboard.

Inspired by family farming stories, as a journalist Tim has written much about the transformation of farming since the early 2000s, when agriculture first started to emerge from the status of a so-called ‘sunset industry’. Tim loves telling rural stories, helping readers to understand the joys and complexities of life on the land.

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