Nicki's Picks September 2021

Published: 15-Sep-2021

Nicki's Picks in September: The Shadow By Melanie Raabe

The Shadow By Melanie Raabe

The Shadow By Melanie Raabe

Life is a rollercoaster.  Ronan drummed that in (without a hint of an Irish accent!)  Yes, we all experience the occasional speed bump. The odd spot of turbulence.  So when Norah arrives in Vienna and her life takes a fast downwards spiral, she’s in serious danger of a case of whiplash. This is far worse than a spin on the Gold Coast’s Corkscrew, and it all starts after she is approached by a stranger, a homeless woman, who speaks these words to her:

“On February 11 you will kill a man called Arthur Grimm.  Of your own free will.  And for good reason.”

If it wasn’t for the date, Norah may have been able to shrug it off as the ramblings of a dingbat, but February 11th has huge significance. It is the date of when something so traumatic happened in Norah’s life that it has haunted her ever since.

As she navigates her way through some strange occurrences her state of mind is becoming more and more derailed.  And all the while the 11th of February is getting closer….

A scintillating, spooky, psychological thriller.

Available in eBook, eAudio and hardcopy