Nicki's Picks May 2021

Published: 04-May-2021

Nicki's Picks: Anxious People By Frederik Backman

“Anxious People” By Fredrik Backman

Anxious People

If you are a cocktail enthusiast this is a story you will swallow in one gulp.  A beautiful blend of quirkiness, romance, humour and compassion, all constructed around a crime.  (Actually, it’s a crime that doesn’t really exist. So it’s probably more of a mocktail.)

When an attempt at robbing a bank fails, a distraught parent, short on rent and afraid of losing child custody, bursts in on an open home and takes a group of strangers hostage.  Over the course of the hours spent locked up it emerges the group are all a bit damaged and lifetimes of grievances and secrets are revealed.  But never fear, this is not a tear inducing gin based cocktail, you’ll be soon be all tingly and aglow as confessions lead to friendships, forgiveness and hope.

A story of heartbreak, laced with comedy.  A perfect mix.