Nicki's Picks July 2021

Published: 19-Jul-2021

Nicki picks  "Betty " By Tiffany Mc Daniel

Betty Tiffany McDaniel

“Betty” By Tiffany McDaniel

Daughter of a white mother and Cherokee father, growing up in a tiny rural town called Breathed on the foothills of the Appalachian mountains, this is the story of Betty’s coming of age.  It begins in the 1930s when her parents meet and from there we follow Betty through years of poverty and tragedy as she witnesses cruelty, racism and violence.  Don’t be put off, this is not an easy read, but despite the anguish this is also a story of love and sweetness.  Betty’s relationship with her father is at the heart of the book and brings an endearing and heart-warming relief to the grim content.  But what will strike you the most is Tiffany McDaniel’s way with words, which are enchanting and lyrical.  “Betty” is a masterclass in astonishing, beautiful writing, blending the most dark of human suffering into the light.

This is not a novel I would usually choose to read, and I confess to ignoring it for quite some time despite a glowing recommendation from a friend.  The depressing storyline, not helped by a rather dull cover (did I really just confess that?) were pretty uninspiring, so it was a total surprise to become so captivated.  If you appreciate beautiful storytelling laced with history then you too may find “Betty” a truly memorable read.