Leo's Book Den review of the week

Published: 23-Nov-2021

Leo Review's Junior-Fiction: In the Key of Code  By Aimee Lucido

In the Key of Code  By Aimee Lucido

The Key of Code

Emmy has just moved to California so her father can pursue his dream of playing in an orchestra; she however can’t seem to find her place at her new school. Emmy loves music like her father, but can’t connect with it in a way that feels right, nor with the people around her. This all changes when she signs up for a computer science class and begins to learn a computer coding language called Java. Emmy, her family, and her possible new friend, embark on an adventure of discovery as they all find where they belong.

In the Key of Code (alt title: Emmy in the Key of Code) is perhaps my favourite book I’ve read the entirety of 2021. It is a verse novel, and a perfect introduction to the format, so don’t let young readers (or old!) be scared off! This book is a piece of art, incorporating poetry, Java script, and music into a harmonious blend of something I’d dare call a multi-media experience. I’d recommend it for ALL ages and stages (this includes you, grown-ups)!

This book is available as ebook on BorrowBox.

(Please note the book also is published under the title of “Emmy in the Key of Code”, however is labelled as “In the Key of Code” in our system)