Author Talk Eamon Wood

Published: 22-Feb-2021

Come and meet Eamon, the Wayward Wheeler and hear about his epic journey through the UK, USA and along the fjords and lakes of Europe.

Eamon Wood

A Backpack, A Chair & A Beard

Thursday 4 March
5.00pm - 6:30pm

Eamon Wood

‘A paraplegic since the age of four, Eamon found ways to give his wheelchair wings. He became the number one seed in the Kiwi men’s wheelchair tennis rankings, and represented his country on the men’s wheelchair basketball team, travelling the world. But that was in a safe, predictable team setting. He wanted more.

At twenty-eight, he set off on an epic journey, with little more than his backpack, his guitar, and an open mind. He hitchhiked around New Zealand’s southern island. The travelling bug took him to the UK and the USA, then along the fjords and lakes of Europe.

He slept rough, did odd jobs, busked in thoroughfares and made friends with oddballs. He wheeled his way through cities and small towns, searching… and found himself.’

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A Backpack A Chair & A Beard