Summer Reading Challenge Tips & Tricks #1

Published: 05-Jan-2021

Get to know the Summer Reading Challenge platform, Beanstack, better with these handy tips & tricks to make the most of your Summer Reading Challenge!

The Summer Reading Challenge has been in full swing for a couple of weeks now, and as we all start working through our reading and activities, we thought we would share some handy hints about Beanstack.

You might have started earning badges by now, if you’re a super keen participant! Or you might like to know for later. But once you earn badges – you earn tickets! You can then use these tickets to win prizes of your choice.

‘Wow, I want to go in the draw to win prizes - how do you do that?’ you might ask.

Sit back, relax, and watch the short clip on Facebook showing you how Ticket Drawings work on the Beanstack App.

Or if instructions are more your vibe, or you'd like to know how it works on a desktop then continue reading below:

Using Your Tickets

When you log reading or activities, you can complete badges. If you complete one then this little box will show up. Clicking 'Enter A Drawing' will take you straight to the page where you can put your tickets towards prizes in the prize pool.

If, however, you decide to think about what prizes you want to put tickets towards, you can come back later and find the Ticket Drawing page this way. The homepage of the Summer Reading Challenge you're registered for has these options across the top. Select 'Ticket Drawings'.

From the 'Ticket Drawings' page, you're able to see how many tickets you've received so far, and the prizes available for you to put tickets towards.

Select the prize you like the look of and a box will pop up asking how many tickets you want to put towards that prize. The more tickets you put towards a prize, the higher the change of you winning that prize.

You have a few ways you can go about using up tickets. You can put a few tickets towards a few particular prizes you quite like. You can put a few tickets towards every prize available. Or you can put all your tickets towards one prize.

You can see how many tickets you've put towards each prize already, so when you earn more tickets you can distribute them accordingly, as you please, and keep track of the prizes.