Sally’s Lockdown Reading

Published: 02-Jun-2020

Austen, dogs, WWII, and Paris - all that and more to be found in the latest and greatest reviews from Sally!

Love Letters Monmarte

Love letters from Monmartre by Nicolas Barreau

The second novel by this author I have read, set in Paris. I don’t usually take much notice of the comments on the cover of a book, by the publicists, but “Reading Barreau is like having me-time with your best friend”, written by Nina George, another writer that I like, certainly hooked me. It’s a delightful story - very positive and uplifting. I’d certainly recommend it for anyone wanting a feel-good story.

Marriages Are Made In Bond Street

Marriages are made in Bond Street : true stories from a 1940s marriage bureau By Penrose Halson

This is the story of setting up a marriage bureau in 1940s London. A wonderful social history of the time. There are stories of loss as well as happy endings, as the stories take place during the Second World War, and people search for someone to love in times of real struggle and danger. It seemed to me that it would be relevant to people now as well.

Lost Dog

Lost dog: A love story by Kate Spicer

This is a biography of Kate Spicer’s dog, as she and her partner adopted him. The book is written in two parts, with the first part being about Kate’s life before Wolfy arrives and then the way that his arrival changed her and her partner’s daily life. The second part of the book is when Wolfy goes missing and Kate describes the traumatic events as they try to find him. I really enjoyed this book. Kate writes non-fiction in a very readable way, more like a novel and that makes it good reading.

Jane and Me

Jane & me: my Austen Heritage by Caroline Jane Knight

I’ve been  fascinated by Jane Austen since I was a teenager and first read “Pride and prejudice”. Like lots of people the 90’s TV series of that title got me re-hooked and since then I’ve read quite a lot of non-fiction too. This book is a bit different because it is written by a descendant of the family and is about her life in Chawton House, one of the houses that Jane’s brother inherited. It is also about the effect that a house can have on someone’s life.