Nicki's Picks: July 2020

Published: 14-Jul-2020

Lucy Foley's The Guest List makes Nicki's list! With a review as intriguing and thrilling as the book itself - you'll want to pick this one up next...

The Guest List - Lucy Foley

Warning: Don’t take this book on a winter holiday. (Unless you want to spend all day in your hotel room.) Don’t read it during the week either. (You may phone work feigning illness.) This is most definitely a weekend read. Preferably a cold, wet one when you can curl up with a hot drink beside a roaring fire and not feel guilty about neglecting housework, children, or the husband. “The Guest List” my fellow readers, is a binge-read.

So, our group of guests arrive on a remote island off the coast of Ireland to attend a wedding. As the story unfolds tangled histories, flawed personalities, and suspicious behaviours are revealed. All the while you will be questioning just who is the victim? – and who is guilty? There is a mounting unease that something is lurking. Preparing to strike….

This is a novel of irresistible suspense. Every bit as good as Lucy’s previous novel “The Hunting Party” – another binge-read for a wet weekend!