Ngaio Marsh Award - Longlist 2020

Published: 06-Jul-2020

The Ngaio Marsh award recognises excellence in New Zealand crime & thriller writing. Twelve fabulous longlist finalists have now been announced and the winner will be revealed later in the year at the Christchurch WORD festival.

This short video will give you a brief taster from the judges about each book.

So far in the library workroom Nalini Singh’s “A madness of sunshine” along with R.W.R. McDonald’s witty and wonderful “The Nancy’s” have been favourites but we are reading through the other finalists so stay tuned!

Let us know your picks and recommendations as well!

The longlisted titles are:

  • Shadow of Doubt (S L Beaumont, Paperback Writers)
  • Trust Me, I’m Dead (Sherryl Clark, Oldcastle Books)
  • Whatever it Takes (Paul Cleave, Upstart Press)
  • One Single Thing (Tina Clough, Lightpool Publishing)
  • Girl from the Tree House (Gudrun Frerichs, self-published)
  • Auē (Becky Manawatu, Makaro Press)
  • The Nancys (R W R McDonald, A&U)
  • Hide (S J Morgan, MidnightSun)
  • The Great Divide (L J M Owen, Echo)
  • In the Clearing (J P Pomare, Hachette)
  • The Wild Card (Renée, Cuba Press)
  • A Madness of Sunshine (Nalini Singh, Berkley).