Latest New Zealand Books Coming Soon To Your Local Library

Published: 08-Jul-2020

Keep an eye out for these new New Zealand books which are on their way to Waimakariri shelves. And if you just can't wait, feel free to place a hold!

Observations of a rural nurse

Author: McIntyre, Sara

Publication Information: Auckland, New Zealand: Massey University Press, 2020

Observations of a rural nurse

"Sara McIntyre, the daughter of the artist Peter McIntyre, was nine years old when her family first came to Kākahi, in the King Country, in 1960. The family has been linked to Kākahi ever since. On the family car trips of her childhood, McIntyre got used to her father's frequent stops for subject matter for painting. Fifty years on, when she moved to Kākahi to work as a district nurse, she began to do the same on her rounds, as a photographer. This book brings together McIntyre's remarkable photographic exploration - her 'observations' - of Kākahi and the sparsely populated surrounding King Country towns of Manunui, Ōhura, Ōngarue, Piriaka, Ōwhango and Taumarunui"

Life on volcanoes: contemporary essays

Author: Container of (work): Thompson, Tulia. In the under

Publication Information: Auckland, New Zealand: Beatnik Publishing, 2019

Life on volcanoes

Selected for their wit and style, five critically-acclaimed New Zealand essayists were given carte blanche for this collection; they all chose to write on subjects usually discussed only in private.

Blending compelling personal stories with insights into feminism, politics, family and capitalism, they offer wry humour, lively prose and deeply empathetic understanding – all within a covetable, high-quality hard-cover book splashed with colour.

Pacific: an ocean of wonders

Author: Hatfield, Philip J.

Publication Information: Auckland: Bateman Books, 2019

Pacific an ocean of wonders

If you centre a globe on Kiritimati (Christmas Island), all you see around it is a vast expanse of ocean. Islands of various sizes float in view while glimpses of continents encroach on the fringes, but this is a view dominated by water. The immense stretch of the Pacific Ocean is inhabited by a diverse array of peoples and cultures bound by a common thread: their relationship with the sea. The rich history of the Pacific is explored through specific objects, each one beautifully illustrated, from the earliest human engagement with the Pacific through to the modern day. With entries covering mapping, trade, whaling, flora and fauna, and the myriad vessels used to traverse the ocean, Pacific builds on recent interest in the voyages of James Cook to tell a broader history. This publication highlights the importance of an ocean that covers very nearly a third of the surface of the globe, and which has dramatically shaped the world and people around it.

Te Wheke : pathways across Oceania

Author: Christchurch Art Gallery author issuing body

Publication Information: Christchurch, Aotearoa New Zealand : Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetū, 2020

Te Wheke pathways across the pacific

Te wheke means octopus in te reo Māori. For many cultures the Pacific Ocean, this resourceful, adventurous creature is a symbol of early voyages from the Polynesian homelands of Hawaiki. In Aotearoa New Zealand, conventional art history tells the stories of art that ties us to Britain and Europe. This book looks in a different direction - from the Pacific outwards. Te Wheke features a selection of examples of art from the collection of Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetū from Aotearoa and the Pacific, each with a short text opening up conversations about the journeys, tensions and connections that shape Oceania's past, present and future.

Te Hahi Mihinare

Author: Kaa, Hirini

Publication Information: Wellington : Bridget Williams Books , 2019

This ground-breaking book explores the birth, growth, struggles and ongoing life of Te Hahi Mihinare - the Maori Anglican Church. Anglicanism arrived in New Zealand with the first English missionaries in 1814 but was made widely known by Maori evangelists. The new religion profoundly influenced some iwi, who in turn adapted and made it their own. The ways in which Mihinare (Maori Anglicans) engaged with the settler Anglican Church in New Zealand and created their own unique church casts light on the broader question of how Maori interacted on their own terms with European culture and institutions. A cast of memorable characters, including nationally wellknown figures such as Apirana Ngata and internationally significant figures, such as Bishop Azariah from India, vividly people the pages of this fascinating book. Author Hirini Kaa describes the quest for a Maori Anglican bishop, the translation into te reo of the prayer book, and the development of a distinctive Maori Anglican ministry. In the process, Kaa uncovers a rich history that enhances our understanding of New Zealand's past.

Haare Williams : words of a kaumātua

Author: Williams, Haare

Publication Information: Auckland, New Zealand : Auckland University Press, 2019

Words of Kaumatua

"Haare Williams grew up with his Tuhoe grandparents on the shores of Ohiwa Harbour in a te reo world of Tane and Tangaroa, Te Kooti and the old testament, of Nani Wai and curried cockle stew - a world that Haare left behind when he learnt English at school and moved to Auckland. Over the last half-century, through the Maori arts movement, waves of protest and the rise of Maori broadcasting, Haare Williams has witnessed and played a part in the changing shape of Maoridom. And in his poetry and prose, in te reo Maori and English, Haare has a unique ability to capture both the wisdom of te ao Maori and the transformation of that world. This book, edited and introduced by Witi Ihimaera, brings together the poetry and prose of Haare Williams to produce a work that is a biography of the man and his times. The book is a celebration of a kaumatua and an exemplar of his wisdom"

Love notes: for a politics of love

Author: McKibbin, Philip

Publication Information: Brooklyn, NY : Lantern Books, 2019

Love notes for a politics of love

"In Love Notes, a collection of articles, essays, and presentations, Philip McKibbin introduces the Politics of Love and explores the possibilities of this emerging theory. The Politics of Love affirms the importance of love and reimagines our relationships: to ourselves, each other, non-human animals, and the natural environment. This love is inclusive, critical, generous, and constructive. Instead of a politics of fear and distrust, of separation and narrow-mindedness, the Politics of Love presents a new vision that extends beyond individuals, families, the nation state, and even human beings: it is love that will bring about justice for other species, and it may also enable us to address climate change. This book presents an intellectual journey; it charts a course for the future, and invites you to help take the Politics of Love forward."

He kupu tuku iho : ko te reo Māori te tatau ki te ao

Author: Kāretu, T. S. (Tīmoti Sam)

Publication Information: Auckland : Auckland University Press, 2018

He Kupu Tuku Iho

This is a book of chapters on key aspects of Māori language and culture authored by two of this country's pre-eminent kaumātua. The authors discuss key cultural concepts (including mana, tapu, wairua, whakapapa, ritual, farewell speeches and Māori humour) as well as language and cultural issues of the modern world. The language used is an exemplar for learners and speakers of te reo Māori.