'Flavour Guide' for our Valentine's Day 2020 Recommendations

Published: 10-Feb-2020

Books are like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're going to get! 'Taste' a book from one of our "Blind Date" displays for your Valentine's Day fix

Pick your flavour!

70% Dark

Ready for the dark side? These stories are rich with danger and could chill you to the bone. Beware!

Chewy Caramel

Get your teeth into a meaty bite of a book! With lots to chew, take your time munching through these tales.

Chilli Choc

Need to spice up your read? These tales give you a touch of naughty to add flavour for your reading delights.

Turkish delight

Pure escapism. Stories set abroad to take your taste buds on an international journey.

Milky and Sweet

Are you after a gentle read that leaves you feeling happy and comfy? Pick me!

Fruit and Nut

We all need a laugh now and then. These will fill you with nutty characters and tummy laughs.

Sugar Free

Need a palate cleanser? A guilt free read that will leave you feeling happy and flavoured with faith and wholesomeness.

Popping Candy

Let supernatural plots zap crackle and pop in these reads.  Whether on this world or another these reads will blow your mind!

Rocky Road

Each family faces rocks in the road some are sweet some not so much. Enjoy a taste of someone else’s family saga.