Printing from PressReader Update

Published: 24-May-2019

The latest PressReader update has made some changes to how certain features work.

Users of PressReader might be familiar with the print feature, which as of the latest update to the platform, will now only be available to users after they have logged in. As explained by PressReader "Printing is now a personal feature so as to protect the publishers' content..."

What this means for Waimakariri users of this platform, is that in order to make use of the print feature for articles and content, users will need to have created a personal account - an easy process where you log in using your library card no. and PIN.

  1. Select the yellow Library or Group button

    Pressreader login instruction example image

  2. Type Waimakariri into the search box

  3. Select Waimakariri Libraries from the list and then enter your library barcode and PIN

If you have any questions, or would like some assistance with this, our staff are available to help.