Important update for PressReader customers

Published: 19-Nov-2019

On Wednesday at 3pm we received an update from PressReader about the issues with the online Fairfax newspapers.

Previously they had informed us that only app users would be affected however this was an error and all user are affected. Unfortunately Stuff Ltd has removed all ‘off-site’ access to their papers, this includes the Christchurch Press. This means that Stuff Ltd content will no longer be available to customers using PressReader from home, however they can still be read on a computer or mobile device within the library.

This is not something we were consulted about or wanted. We know this is causing significant disruption to Waimakariri Library users of this service and we apologise for the confusion and inconvenience it has caused.

We will now begin evaluating what future options are available to us and we will keep you informed.

If you have any questions or comments please email the Libraries Manager, Paula Eskett, or phone the library on 03 311 8901.

Below is a list of the Stuff titles that are affected:

Sunday Star Times

Sunday News

Southland Times (Weekday & Weekend Editions)

Waikato Times (Weekday & Weekend Editions)

Dominion Post (Weekday & Weekend Editions)

The Press (Weekday & Weekend Editions)

Nelson Mail (Weekday & Weekend Editions)

Timaru Herald (Weekday & Weekend Editions)

Manawatu Standard (Weekday & Weekend Editions)

Taranaki Daily News (Weekday & Weekend Editions)

Marlborough Express

TV Guide

NZ House and Garden

NZ Gardener