Don't have Spotify? Take a look at our CD collection!

Published: 29-Apr-2019

Don't have a Spotify account? Sick of the unpredictable playlists and seemingly never-ending ads on the radio?

Do we have the solution for you! The Waimakariri Libraries has a large collection of Music CDs available for you to borrow.

With genres spanning Rock, Pop, Classical, Country, Movie Soundtracks, and of course, the latest Taylor Swift album, you can have your musical fill. Annoy your kids by playing your all-time favourite 80s artists on repeat in the car, or branch out - try out a new genre or that one artist your colleague keeps talking about, but without the commitment of having to buy it for yourself!

La La Land CD Symphonic Queen CD 101 Greatest Housework Songs CDStone Temple PilotsWhat Makes You Country CD

CDs cost just $2.00 for a three week loan period.

(Thumbnail image credit: 'Headphones" Malte Wingen on Unsplash; 'Cassette' Namroud Gorguis on Unsplash)