Straight From The Pig's Mouth - Al Lester

Published: 22-Aug-2018

Join Al Lester, author of entertaining new book 'Straight From the Pig's Mouth', as he shares with us his time in the New Zealand police.

Penguin Books Media Release:

A warts-and-all, often laugh-out-loud funny memoir of policing in New Zealand.

Author Al Lester is a great storyteller, with 8 hunting books under his belt - Stag Doo; Mad Men of the Mountain; It’s A Bit Rugged, Mate; Arse Up Creek; Off The Track, A Sting in the Tale, Hunting in the Raw and A Bum In The Bush – Al sure knows how to tell a good yarn.

This time, in Straight From The Pig’s Mouth, he shares his stories from 31 years on the force, as a police constable, detective and detective sergeant. Reflecting on his time with the New Zealand police — from training to retirement — Al covers his most memorable stories, giving insight into all the weird, disturbing, heart-breaking and dangerous things a policeman is exposed to. But ultimately this book is about people and the work that Al did to try to protect and look after his community.

There is the story of the man who claimed he was attacked to hide the embarrassing truth, lots of investigative tales, insights on how to interrogate a suspect, the real story on what PIG stands for — Pride, Intelligence and Guts — and a few pranks and laughs along the way.

‘Little did I know when I applied to join the police as a fresh-faced young man what horrors, joys, fear, heartache and emotional and psychological challenges lay ahead,’ shares Al. ‘While working as a detective I was a member of teams that investigated 31 murders or attempted murders. Some were solved within hours and others took many months or years to solve. I was fortunate and am immensely proud of the fact that all of the murders I was involved in investigating were solved, not by me alone, of course, but by the collective skills of the enquiry teams.’

Straight From The Pig’s Mouth is an entertaining look behind the scenes and a touching tribute to Al’s long career.


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About Al Lester

Al Lester was born in Nelson, the second youngest of four children. As a young man, he played rugby, golf, softball and basketball, all at representative level. He even clocked up 125 skydives before moving on to his adult life. After 8 years in banking, Al jumped ship and, in 1985, joined the New Zealand Police. At a solid 6’4”, perhaps he was better suited to the latter role. He was drawn to the investigation side of policing and spent 28 years working in the Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB) as a detective and detective sergeant. Al handed in his handcuffs at age 55, while still in possession of his sense of humour and most of his marbles. He lives in Christchurch and is a keen hunter.