Story Box Library

Published: 02-Nov-2018

Watch and listen to some of your favourite stories being read by Australian and New Zealand storytellers.

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Watch your favourite stories read aloud by fabulous storytellers, at home as well as in the library.

Reading aloud to children, in particular by diverse and engaging storytellers, greatly improves language and literacy skills, especially in the early years of a child’s development. Story Box Library is committed to supporting and encouraging the practice of storytelling. It is intended for use as a complementary form of delivering the precious experience of being read aloud to, in order to improve children’s lives.

Connecting children with literature through the complementary medium of film providing a vibrant, interactive experience via a diverse range of everyday storytellers - sportspeople, musicians, grandparents, teenagers, comedians, actors, with varying accents and from different cultures - each sharing past and present book titles.

To access Story Box Library at home:

  • Visit Story Box
  • Choose Log In from the top menu bar and click Public Library & Tertiary Log In
  • Use your Waimakariri library card number
  • Enjoy the library of stories on any device with internet connection!

Please note the following Story Box Library features:

  • Continually expanding library of thought-provoking, entertaining storytelling segments
  • Content to inspire preschoolers and primary students
  • Range of short films that enable children to discover the creative process behind the books
  • Related to ‘Classroom Ideas’ for each story
  • Captions option available with each story
  • Advertisement free zone. The website is completely free of any advertising