Waimakariri Libraries How To Festival

Published: 28-May-2018

This school holidays, the How To Festival is back with 5 brand new events!

For further information on each event, click the link in each paragraph or on the image to take you to each event page.

The Waimakariri Libraries will be running a ‘How to’ Fest, from Saturday 30 September to Sunday 15 October. There are many events for children and adults to enjoy in the school holidays including: How to Speak Mandarin, How to Make a Toddler Drive in Movie, How to Make a Picture Book, How to Make Junk into Funk, and How to Make a Movie.

Chinese art image 

For people wanting to learn another language, there will be an opportunity to experience Chinese culture in a fun and interactive workshop. Participants will play the matching game, taste Chinese tea, play with chopsticks, experience paper cutting, and learn some basic Mandarin.

How to make a movie thumbnail 

Tutor Jim Cullinane will offer two Movie Labs, for children, and for adults to show how iPads have changed the way we can make videos. In this hands–on workshop participants will discover how to make better movies, including planning with storyboards, shot lists and sequencing your movie. There will also be an opportunity to practice editing on iMovie; cutting and assembling a rough cut of your movie and finally look at ways to share your new movie to Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo etc.

Kiwi play with me book cover 

Award-winning illustrator and author Helen Taylor will share her experiences on how Picture Books are made at two Family Night events. From the first blossoming of an idea, through to the finished hands-on-page-turning-book. Families will Learn about the illustrator’s role in Picture Book creation and all the many steps in between and the many ‘hands’ involved in order for this initial ‘idea’ to become that book. You will also get to hear a story or two – for no one is ever too old for Picture Books!

recycling poster 

Are you concerned over the amount we send to landfill that is actually a resource and not rubbish? Join Lesley Ottey from Eco Educate to learn how to repurpose toys into puppets and doorstoppers, and create reusable shopping bags from yarn, and from t-shirts. Lesley has over 29 years experience tutoring many ages, abilities and backgrounds. Lesley is currently working with 73 Schools, preschools and High Schools across North Canterbury, along with running gardening workshops for community and public health sectors in Christchurch and Timaru. Parents are encouraged to stay and learn some skills too.

There will also be an opportunity for our pre-schoolers and their parents to make a toddler drive in movie! Spaces for all of the events will be limited and bookings can be made at any Waimakariri Library or by phoning 03 311 8901.