Storylines Margaret Mahy Medal 2017

Published: 27-Mar-2017

Veteran Coromandel Author comes out on top

Veteran children's novelist Des Hunt has been announced as the recipient of the 2017 Storylines Margaret Mahy Medal.

des huntThe Margaret Mahy Medal has been given since 1991 for an outstanding contribution and lifetime achievement in the field of New Zealand children's literature and literacy. 

“Des Hunt’s greatest contribution is his ability to ‘hook’ young people into reading through his riveting stories situated in familiar contexts, with characters similar to their friends and families. His school presentations make children feel that books are pivotal to their lives,” says Storylines Chair, Dr Libby Limbrick. Des Hunt is the author of more than 20 acclaimed children’s and young adult novels, most set in New Zealand with strong environment and science themes.

Since retiring from teaching in 2007 to concentrate on writing fiction for children, Des has become a popular visitor to schools and libraries throughout New Zealand, combining his love of storytelling, the environment and science.

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