Oxford Library update

Published: 09-Mar-2017

A lot has been happening in Oxford lately, catch up on it all here.



The last few months have been busy for Oxford Library.  We welcomed a new team member at the end of 2016, Lindsay, who is making a few changes around the library during her weekend shifts. 

Oxford craftsWe are well into our programme of events for term one.  This term we are running two different craft classes in Oxford Library.  We have a group of adults who are working on creating a book from scratch in our book-binding class.  They are making good progress and this week visited the studio of their tutor, Tessa Warburton, where they used her guillotine to tidy up the pages they have sewn together by hand. They also selected fabric to cover their books with. 

The children's group are making bespoke boxes.  One child is making a special two-drawer box to keep his nerf gun bullets, another child is making a box to keep his Scout badges, and another is making a jewellery box, consisting of one large box with four smaller boxes inside.  This is quite a complex process, and a great example of applying maths to a real life situation.

We get a lot of questions about the Oxford Library and Service Centre Development.  The building is on track to be completed by July this year, and we should be open in August.  The new library will be a space for all members of our community, and alongside the book collection we will be offering more events and programmes than ever before.