Library services

Waimakariri libraries house quality collections of books, magazines, DVDs, audio books and newspapers.

Qualified staff are available to help with your research inquiry or reading interests. The library also offers a range of other services.

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Free computersAPNK

Free computer services and internet access are provided via the AotearoaPeople'sNetworkKaharoa (APNK).

APNK desktop PCs are available for customer use and are installed with a range of software.

APNK PCs have a DVD and CD drive, USB ports, and memory card slots and webcams, Headphones are available on request or you can use your own.

The computer booking system provides 30 minute sessions

WiFi access

Free Wifi access is available at all branches 24/7. The free wifi hotspots cover the libraries and also extend to nearby car parks and seatings areas.

Before you can use the Wifi you will be asked to agree to the Terms of Service.

You can configure your laptop to print to our printer. Printing costs 20c per page.


An A3 flatbed scanner is available at Rangiora and Kaiapoi Libraries. Scanned documents can be transferred to your USB or to the desktop of the public computers. To email a scanned document you need to log in to your email and attach the scan.

Housebound delivery 

We offer a limited delivery service for our members who are housebound through illness and injury. For further information contact Jeanette or Irene at Rangiora Library, 03 311 8901.

Service to schools

We welcome visits from classes to the libraries. Library staff can also visit your preschool or school. See our Information for teachers page for more information.


  • Black and white  - A4 20c, A3 40c.
  • Colour copying - A4 $2.00, A3 $4.00

Fax service

This service is not available at Kaiapoi.

  • $2.00 for the first page and .50c per subsequent page.


  • A5 - $1.00, A4 - $2.00, A3 - $3.00.


A wheelchair is available for use in the Rangiora and Kaiapoi library.